Digital Marketing in 5 words or less | Farewell from the Class of 2017

It’s that time of year when the days get longer, the cherry blossoms bloom and the promise of summer vacation is in sight.  For us, it simply means the end of Semester 2 and the arrival of our final semester of self-study through the summer months.  This past week marked the last of our in-class sessions. And the undeniable feeling that the training wheels are being removed.  As we look back and ahead, we challenged ourselves to sum up our student experience of the MSc Digital Marketing in 5 words or less.

Our last week

It was a week full of emotions and valuable experiences.  We put in the final hours of work into our group PR proposal reports before the deadline.  Some of our students held the first Digital Health Check and reviewed the digital presence of eight local businesses.  Our last lecture was filled with helpful tips on applying for jobs and instilled us with inspiration for our future careers in digital marketing.  We had a celebratory dinner at Maggie’s Grill.  Then a morning filled with nerves and anticipation as we presented our PR pitches to a live client and waited to hear the winners.

MSc Digital Marketing in 5 words or less | Farewell from the Class of 2017

Looking ahead

Alas, it’s not quite over.  We’ll all be working diligently in the upcoming week putting the final touches on our project proposals.  Then we’ll all be able to take a breather and have a little break before the start of Semester 3.

Semester 3 will bring on new challenges.  For some, it means conducting an in-depth study and writing the final dissertation.  Others will be working with a client and writing a client report for the final consultancy project.  For all of us, it means a summer of self-directed study when we’ll apply and expand on the knowledge and skills we’ve learned over the past seven months.  And we can ride our two-wheeler bikes into the world of digital marketing.

As we all sat around the lunch table yesterday, we reflected on what a whirlwind the year has been.  On how fast it’s gone by.  On how much we’ve learned.  And on what we’ve just experienced together.  We bid our farewells to those who are moving back to their home countries.  With promises of seeing each other again at graduation.  For those staying in Aberdeen, we’ll no doubt have a meet-up or two (or three!) throughout the next few months.  Either way, thanks to the wonderful world of digital, we can all stay in touch.

Our Mondays and Tuesdays will be different now without a classroom to go to.  Without lecturers imparting their vast knowledge and experience on us. Without a fun class of 23 talented and diverse students to learn from, laugh with and take on the digital world with.

MSc Digital Marketing in 5 words or less | Farewell from the Class of 2017

MSc Digital Marketing in 5 words or less

As we sign-off from the Digital Scot, we leave you with some parting thoughts from the class of 2017.  We asked the class to describe the MSc Digital Marketing at RGU in 5 words or less.   Here’s what some of them said:

Challenging, rewarding and fun ! – Will

Jam-packed digital career-changer! – Helen

Autonomy, industry-led, insightful but fun – Tim

This is only the beginning – Lillian

Steepest learning curve yet – Liz

Rand Fishkin my Hero – Karine

Digitally dynamic, challenging and rewarding! – Fiona

A great challenge and interesting experience – Jemima

And sometimes five words simply aren’t enough…

An interesting and sometimes challenging course with great people and a good time in Scotland – Lea

Goodbye for now and good luck to the future class of 2018.  We can’t wait to see where they take the Digital Scot next.  Don’t miss out on news from them by signing up to the newsletter.

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