Will Wilkie

Where are you from? 

What was your undergraduate degree?
Event Management

Why did you decide to study an MSc in Digital Marketing?
The reason I decided to study Digital Marketing was because I have always had a passion for all things digital.  Prior to the course I was very active on the online blogging website Tumblr.  Following those initial experiences with basic web design and content creation I wanted to endeavour further into the world of digital marketing.

What do you like best about the course so far?
The best part of the course for me so far is learning for industry experts.  Within the first weeks we were given one to one mentors from a digital marketing agency.  This has enabled me to understand how what we learn in class can be applied in the working environment.

What’s your favourite app or website, and why?
My favourite app is Fitness Buddy.  I’m really into health and fitness and love being able to try new workouts and keep track of my personal bests. I enjoy that I can use it on the go to keep track of what and when I’m eating.

Tell us a random fact about yourself!
Anna Nicole Smith is my idol.