Why Digital Marketing?

This is a key question and there is a very simple answer. Digital Marketing professionals are increasingly in high demand. The truth of the matter is, currently there is a huge digital skills gap both in the UK and throughout the world that needs to be addressed by people passionate to join the evolution of marketing.

Manon Evers Loreal HR Manager Digital Staff“New digital recruits can no longer rely on IT skills alone. Having an understanding of digital tools and their business impact, is what makes the difference between job candidates being successful.” 

(Manon Evers – HR Manager EMEA @ L’Oréal)

Traditional marketing isn’t dead but it has had to evolve in order to survive (read our story on L’Oréal to find out more). The same could be said of traditional marketers. Marketers today need to be aware and capable of navigating the digital marketing field. Modern business requirements mean that the gap evident between traditional and digital needs to be bridged. If not, businesses will simply begin to lose their competitive advantage. In simple terms, there are a lot of businesses out there looking for people with digital marketing skills. If they don’t find them they’re at risk of losing their position in the market. And equally, if you don’t have the skills then you are at risk of being overlooked by these companies and being left on the shelf.

To put the above into perspective, consider the following:

  • By 2018 the US will fall short by 1.5 million digital analysts and marketers who are digital marketing savvy.
  • Similarly, the UK will require an excess of 740,000 digitally skilled workers.
  • Digital Industry growth has been named a priority of the Scottish government in order to boost the future growth of the economy.

Mark Boyd @ Transparent Digital

“Digital marketing is literally changing every day. If you’re not keeping up with the latest trends and the latest changes then you’re definitely not going to be successful as a digital marketer.” 

(Mark Boyd @ Transparent Digital)