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Week 11 of the MSc Digital Marketing and the class of 2017 are practically blogging gods now. It’s true! But on a serious note, with 2 weeks left of the semester, we realised that although we blog regularly, we appreciate that many of our readers may not be bloggers themselves.  So if you are interested on the tips we use to create our digital marketing blog, keep reading.

As a class, we have collectively compiled some of our top tips on how we create content for our digital marketing blog, The Digital Scot.  This is purely a post voicing our opinion on best practice, and includes some hints and tips that we feel can help push your blog from average to striking.  All this applies regardless of what your blog is about.

1 – Design is EVERYTHING

Striking visuals and professional imagery can really help elevate your blog and give it the impression of depth. After-all, you don’t get a second chance to create a first impression. Visuals that are relevant to your post are essential as they aid the reader in connecting to your content. Make sure you remember to caption your images and ensure that they are of a high quality and relevant to your content. For example, if I insert a picture of a random donkey eating cheerios, people are gonna be like ‘whaaaaaaat?!’.

2 – Keep your relevant appropriate and up-to-date

When choosing your content, ensure your information is accurate, up-to-date and topical. The inclusion of stories can help the reader relate to your content and feel a greater sense of affinity towards your blog. People relate to stories, and that is relevant to blogs too. Make sure your content is memorable, juicy and share-worthy. Furthermore, if you can, link your posts back to previous posts, enabling the reader to experience your journey as a writer.  Like check out the last post I wrote about the #HDExtra17 conference.

3 – Interviews

The additions of interviews can be an important aspect to any blog. Interviews can help add a personal element towards the blog, and help the reader put a face behind the writer. It is also worthwhile to consider interviewing industry leaders as their endorsement of your blog could provide fruitful in a number of ways. Industry leaders can open a whole world to your blog, and who knows – if your content is good enough, you may get paid!  Our latest interview was with Lisa from Invotra.

4 – Keywords, keywords, keywords!

Fairly self explanatory, but not to be overlooked! The importance of allocating and selecting relevant keywords is more important now than ever! With an abundance of content out there, nailing your keywords can prove the difference between a successful post and an editorial disaster. Okay, slightly dramatic, but nonetheless, selecting the most appropriate keywords can genuinely prove the difference.  In our digital marketing blog, our keywords follow a theme and are centered around content relating to digital marketing, our class, and the industry in general.

Furthermore, it is also considered god practice to have your keyword selected at the beginning. It makes it much harder having to back and tailor your content around keywords. Try and keep your writing natural but just keep in mind your keyword from the outset!

5 – Keep a consistent blogging schedule

Like all things marketing, planning pays off. A schedule can really aid your content creation and help you engage your inner writer! We here at TDS have a rigorous blogging schedule. We release posts on a Tuesday and on a Thursday.  Though this may seen daunting, there are 22 of us MSc students. We have a wealth of experience and creativity between us and there are constantly  ideas for our blog thrown into the mix. Additionally, a tight schedule can give your readers something to look forward to. Soon they will expect your posts and it will become somewhat habit for them to read, comment on, share and engage.


To conclude, we have covered 5 top tips that can help elevate your blog. From strong imagery to keywords, there are many considerations when writing a blog post. The best bit of advice so far – have fun! Don’t stress about writing the perfect post and making sure you have ticked all of the best practice boxes. It all means nothing if you don’t enjoy what you are writing about (Unless you are paid!).

Now over to you… what blogging tips would you like to share?  Answer in the comments below.  Good luck with blogging!

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  1. A well-detailed article. It impresses me and gave me some pointers about digital marketing. Thanks for sharing and looking forward for more tips from your site.

  2. Number 5 is a hard one but its very important. If you aren’t doing it consistently then you might as well not do it at all because people aren’t going to expect you to be doing it.

  3. The best solution for a brand to grow nowadays is Digital Marketing so I think its very much essential for brands to go for digital marketing which will increase their awareness and elevate its sales.


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