Digital Marketing 2019: What’s Trending?

The digital marketing industry is constantly growing and evolving. As soon as you’ve started to get to grips with the latest advancements, new technology and trends seem to appear like magic. As MSc Digital Marketing students, we are always keen to find out the latest developments and know the importance of keeping up to date with an industry we want to work in. In such a fast-moving environment, it’s vital to be constantly reading, learning and refreshing your knowledge to make sure you’re not left behind.

Even though it can feel like a lot of information to get to grips with sometimes, it’s certainly an exciting industry to be part of! Here are three digital marketing trends that have been prominent in 2019 and will likely continue to trend in the future.

Browser Push Notifications

One of the most popular web development trends for 2019 is browser push notifications. Businesses have started to use push notifications as a way of communicating and effortlessly reaching their audience. Browser push notifications are also being used as a means of customer retention and to boost conversion rates. Companies selling products through ecommerce stores can use this type of notification to prompt shoppers who added items to their basket but did not ‘check out’ to encourage them to complete their purchase.

Whilst useful in some situations, it is also important to note that some customers will find this type of notification annoying. Therefore, it’s important to get the balance right, not bombarding customers with potentially disruptive browser push notifications that may end up having a negative impact.

Live Video

Live streaming is not a new concept, however it is becoming a more frequently used method of digital marketing, especially with the rise of streaming services. Platforms like Twitch allow users to broadcast themselves playing video games and influencers use live video to easily communicate with their followers. Combining live streaming with influencer marketing is becoming a popular method of streaming. Celebrities, from musicians to athletes, can live stream to their followers relatively easily.

The fact that these videos go out live allow the broadcaster to reply to comments from the viewers as they come in. This can pull in a good sized audience as followers enjoy the live aspect and the spontaneity of it. One issue that can arrise with this type of communication is that anyone can comment and may post harmful, inappropriate or sensitive content, so it’s important that live broadcasts are monitored closely.

Artificial Intelligence

Probably the most exciting – and perhaps slightly scary – advancement of late is the development of artificial intelligence. AI aims to determine how to better engage with potential customers through the likes of direct mail and digital advertising. It is thought that AI and machine learning will enter new areas in 2019 such as the banking and finance sector and even the likes of teaching jobs.

Many people are concerned about the developments of AI in a ‘help, the machines are taking over our lives’ kind of way. Whilst some aspects of AI might make you question whether the likes of our privacy are being put at stake, there’s no reason to let it keep you awake at night. Yet. Let’s just hope the robots are friendly.

So that’s our round up of just a few of the exciting trends in digital marketing as of late. No doubt they will be outdated pretty quickly, but like we said already, that’s all part of the fun of being involved in such a fast-moving and evolving industry. For anyone new to the world of digital marketing, or if this has inspired you to learn more, check out our five recommended free digital marketing courses and resources for beginners.

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