10 Digital Marketing Takeaways from Students

Good things do come to an end

As our roller coaster journey, to put it in a mild way, of the MSc Digital Marketing approaches its final leg, I can’t help but look back on the last few months and ponder over the future. Every graduating student is usually a bit unsettled till he or she finds that elusive dream job, but rather surprisingly, I don’t seem to have any such butterflies in my stomach.

Perhaps what I have learned and gained by studying Digital Marketing has made me more confident about my future. Here is my perspective on what is it that I have learnt.

10 takeaways for the future

1- Digital Marketing lies at the sweet spot of creative, strategic and analytical expertise.

2- Social media is just a drop in the ocean belonging to the dynamic world of Digital Marketing.

3- From SEO to Google Analytics to Digital PR to Search Marketing to Digital Production to Social Media Strategy, the career possibilities after gaining a degree in Digital Marketing are endless.

4- The term ‘dull moment’ becomes passé when you work in an agency style environment. Read more about lessons from an agency life.

5- Spending and investing time to pick up digital skills is definitely a wise decision, be it from the perspective of upgrading skills or finding a better job.

6- Soft skills remain of evergreen importance while managing client expectations and working with different team personalities.

7- The practical and hands-on teaching approach of a Digital Marketing program is the only way to learn and hence apply those skills in the real world.

8- The seemingly increasing demand for digital marketing graduates seems to be the cherry on the cake.

9- Ignore the power of Digital Marketing at your own peril. Remember that ‘Your future is Digital’.

10- Finally, when you are having fun and learning at the same time, some people might deem that as a good life.

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