Debating to go back to University?

When it came to the final semester of my undergraduate degree, I was counting down the moments to graduation and getting out into the mysterious ‘real world’ that everyone spoke about. The prospect of doing another year at university was a thought that didn’t once cross my mind until I realised the reality; I didn’t know which direction I wanted my career path to go. I certainly didn’t know how to stand out from the sea of undergraduates that were all searching for jobs alongside me.

One of the biggest challenges I experienced was the sudden fear that I didn’t want to follow in the same direction of my previous studies, a subject that I had just put my entire heart and soul into for the past 4 years of my life with the end desire of a picture perfect career. It quickly became apparent that I was not the only fresh graduate that believed they could effortlessly fall into their dream job straight out of university. To my disbelief, after a few months of searching for jobs and feeling completely lost and hopeless, the notion of going back to university to study a master’s degree was almost exciting. I tossed and toyed with which course I was going to decide on to but I can honestly say that I have no regrets about returning to further education.

This blog is coming to you from a student who could not wait to leave university, got a bit lost along the road to her dream career, and who took the right road all the way back to where she left off. Thousands of students graduate each year, and everyone takes a different road with their achievements. I want to share the reasons that changed my views on postgraduate degrees and why I believe that they are worth the extra dedication.

Academic Challenge

Adding a postgraduate degree on top of your undergraduate is a great way to keep your mind active. For those who have the constant desire to learn, aspire to know more and to completely stretch their minds, then I highly recommend adding a masters degree to your list.

Not only does it give you the chance to progress and advance your current knowledge, you have the opportunity to learn a completely new subject. In this day and age, finding a job is a challenge and keeping your mind academically active will help develop that drive and determination to reach your end goals.

Career Choices

Whether you want to follow down a set career path or completely change, a postgraduate qualification will help enhance your prospects. Academically standing out from the crowd is challenging; everybody aims to be the best they can be and strives to be unique to employers. By studying an MSc, it demonstrates your commitment and dedication. Masters degrees are intense, fast pasted and designed to teach you how to learn using your own initiative. This in itself is a skill and a challenge. I believe dedicating yourself to a postgraduate degree allows you to demonstrate your ability to think independently.

There is no guarantee that a postgraduate degree will land you that dream career path any more than an undergraduate degree, but it is guaranteed to help you stand out on that path.

Personal Achievement

Some masters students simply want to complete a postgraduate degree for their own personal achievement, to tell themselves that they did something they wanted to do and they completed it. Maybe during your undergraduate studies, you didn’t fully achieve the grades you wanted to, or you know you could have achieved better. A postgraduate degree can be that stepping stone to prove to nobody but yourself that you can do this.

I never believed I would graduate, let alone be halfway through a masters degree in a completely unrelated subject to my previous studies. Graduation was one of the proudest moments of my life, and I can not wait to stand up again proud, and knowing that I worked hard and had the passion to meet my goals.

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