Digital Marketing and the Half Year Success

My adventure into Digital Marketing began half a year ago and in that time some magical things have happened.

If anyone had told me at the beginning about the last six months, I most likely wouldn’t have believed them. So why have the past few months been so good? Here’s why.

The Chamber of Opportunities


While you could say that going back to university was the first part of my adventure, I believe that it started when I became part of the Harry Potter Society at RGU. It became a stepping stone into the life of social media marketing and to this day it has allowed me to be creative and work on my content marketing skills. Every week I produce graphics for Instagram, post announcements and a weekly poll on Twitter, and look after our new Facebook page. In this time I have also rebranded the society’s logo and website to give the society a new lease of life.

The next part of my adventure was when I featured in Irn Bru’s social media campaign to launch their 2017 Christmas ad. This opportunity gave me an exclusive insight into how social media campaigns are created and what working in an agency is like. It also allowed me to view marketing from a different perspective. It was a great experience which I shall cherish forever. It’s not every day you find yourself featured in your country’s national drink adverts and when that experience ended it wasn’t long until my adventures would become my career.

EmmaS-IrnBru-Factory A week after my Irn Bru experience I started my new job as a Digital Marketing Assistant in Aberdeen. I had applied for the job to get my foot in the door, and to say that I was confident enough to apply for jobs, even if I didn’t get them. Then I had my interview and the confidence in what I was learning both in university and within myself flourished. I walked away feeling great instead of worrying if I was good enough. When I got the call to say I had the job, I knew that my journey into the world of digital marketing was now underway. My first three months in the industry had been amazing and to end 2017 with a career was honestly an unexpected surprise.

The Deathly Hallows of Digital Marketing

My adventures have taught me a lot so I feel it’s only fair I share these lessons or what I have decided to call ‘The Deathly Hallows’ with you.

Be Proactive

In this industry, you never know what will happen or when, so you have to be prepared for any and all opportunities that come your way. Embrace the life you have chosen. Even if it sometimes means you have to make sacrifices.

My work with Irn Bru meant I had to take days of university (sometimes with only one day’s notice) but I knew the rewards would be worth it so I was prepared to do extra university work for the days I missed.

Furthermore, nothing falls into your lap so you need to be proactive. If you want to gain a new skill go and learn it, or if you want to get a job update your LinkedIn and start applying.

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Be Confident

Don’t wait until your degree is over to start applying for jobs. You’ve got this far which means you can go the distance and secure a career before you finish your education. When you are confident others will know it (just don’t cross the line into arrogance!). You’ll find it easier to answer those all-important interview questions or share your out of the box ideas with your peers.


Who you are is your best quality, so embrace yourself as well as the life you have chosen. If you have interests show them, do not be afraid to tell people about what you are into. You may well find that when it comes to opportunities your passions will set you apart. By being who you are, you will feel far more confident when it comes to chasing your dreams.

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