Digital Marketing MSc What’s Involved?

Choosing the right course for you can be very difficult. Especially when it comes to a post-grad course. By letting you know what’s really involved in the MSc Digital Marketing course at Robert Gordon University, we hope to make the choice a little bit easier for you.

The course runs for one year, unlike undergraduate courses which are shorter. Within the year you can expect to learn a lot of new skills. Both theoretical and practical, these skills will set you up for your future career in digital marketing. Most importantly, working on real client briefs and undertaking a four-week work placement are just some of the unique features of this course.

Semester One

You will get to grips with different digital marketing software during the first semester. For instance, the ‘Digital Marketing Tools and Techniques’ module includes software such as Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Premier Pro.

A key part of this module is participating in a two-day workshop with an industry professional. You will learn how to create a campaign proposal for a live client whilst working in a group. Finalising plans for the campaign and creating relevant prototypes during the second half of the module allows you to show that you can work on your own. Above all, a highly creative and exciting module!

Alongside this, you will be working on the ‘Digital Marketing Strategy’ module. This module covers many important digital marketing topics. Such as, SEO and Social Media marketing whilst using tools such as Google Analytics. The final assessment for this module is conducting a digital marketing audit for a live client. This includes a critical analysis on their current digital strategy.

In addition, this module also contains a group work assessment. You will propose a new campaign plan for a client. Overall, furthering your knowledge of data-driven software.

Semester Two

The second semester is split into nine weeks of teaching and four weeks of working in industry on placement. The first nine weeks include a module – Digital PR. In this module you will learn about branding, influencer marketing and PR planning. The first coursework is a report. However, the second coursework is more creative. You will take part in a group project, imitating what it would be like to work as part of a team at a digital agency.

This is the first year the MSc Digital Marketing course has included a four week long industry placement. This placement is crucial at allowing students to experience what it is like to work in the real world of digital marketing. Undoubtedly, this module provides you with the chance to gain valuable experience. Ultimately, setting you up for the world of work.

Final Semester

Lastly, you will solely focus on your research project in the third semester. An opportunity for you to conduct research – into an area of your choosing – within the digital marketing world. Your final piece of coursework which can be presented as either a traditional dissertation or a creative project.

If this sounds like something you would enjoy, check out the course information page.

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