Personal Branding Dos and Don’ts

Personal branding isn’t just for big companies and celebrities anymore; your own online presence might land you the job of your dreams! Being active online has many more benefits than just catching up with your friends and sharing holiday snaps. Using social networks to boost your own professional profile can mean a greater deal of interest from prospective employers.

Have you ever googled yourself and nothing about you, the real you, came up? Well in the age of digital, it’s important to consider how to stand out and show up when employers search for you! To help you out, we’ve created five top dos and don’ts for you to follow to ensure that you are attracting all the right types of attention!

1. Don’t be camera-shy

Whether you’re applying for jobs in your own city or overseas, many companies are starting their interview process virtually. This could be in the format of a Skype interview. As with anything, interview practice makes perfect, so dust off that webcam lens and get comfortable with yourself in front of the camera!

2. Don’t neglect your LinkedIn profile

Part of creating your personal brand is about making yourself noticed and most importantly, found! This can mean updating, optimising and being active on your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is a great way to connect with people in industries which you are interested in. It also allows you to search for jobs, interact with groups and position yourself in front of prospective employers.

Our advice for using this network would be to create an in-depth profile listing your jobs, experience and anything you’ve done that would set you apart from the crowd. Although this is a great tool to sell yourself it isn’t just an online CV. Be active on LinkedIn, but don’t treat it like  any other social network. Post and share content relevant to your professional focus. Be gracious and show enthusiasm for other people’s work. In doing so, you’re more likely to stand out!

3. Put yourself out there.

There is a vast number of websites and platforms for you to get creative online. We suggest you embrace your own talents and let them flourish. Using websites such as WordPress, Zenfolio and YouTube to show off some of your creative skills can be a great way to attract attention. The best way to improve is by doing! So get out there, create, develop and grow your skills. Employers really enjoy looking over portfolios so it’s an easy way to showcase any hidden talents and make a lasting impression.

4. Separate your personal and professional online selves

We all have various accounts online; different platforms can mean different content we share and who we share to. If you are interested in separating your personal life from your professional life online, we’d suggest making these accounts private. Always err on the side of caution. Sharing personal posts online isn’t anything to worry about, but it can be a better idea to save your post-workout selfie for Instagram.

5. Be yourself!

Employers want people, not robots. Being yourself online can be difficult. But don’t overthink it, you’ve probably got a lot of hidden talents and ways in which you can be yourself. Following these dos and don’ts will enable you to put your best foot forward and attract jobs, which entice and inspire you.

The Takeaway

Don’t be afraid to show off your talents and build your confidence online. Create a LinkedIn profile and be active on it to show enthusiasm for your industry. Get in front of the webcam and practice your interview skills digitally. Remember that Facebook is for friends and the rest of the internet can be accessed by anyone – so be careful about what you choose to post online. And finally embrace yourself and shine!

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