The Digital Scot at Equator Glasgow

At the end of last semester, The Digital Scot was delighted to visit the team at Equator, an award-winning creative digital agency based in Glasgow, to hear about the future of digital marketing. Having partnered with Equator in the past, it was great for the class of 2018 to see what working in an agency was like.

Six of us travelled down to Glasgow where we met Simone, our lecturer, before heading to meet Fiona MacPherson and Martin Jordan from the agency.

Equator Office

We were greeted by Fiona upon our arrival and given a tour of the incredible open plan office space. Equator have carefully positioned teams to encourage creative discussions and it was great to see lots of teams in action. On a number of occasions, we got an opportunity to stop and ask various team members questions.

Following the office tour, which spread across two floors and two outdoor offices, we were welcomed back inside to hear from Fiona, the Marketing Director and Martin, the Director of Innovation.

It was great to hear about their experience working in the industry and learn how they have got to where they are now.

The Future of Digital Marketing

After answering a series of our questions, Fiona presented on the future of digital marketing. With the enforcement of GDPR coming into play by May, we were reminded of the importance of how we use consumer data. We learnt that digital isn’t just online, it includes digital billboards and shopping malls among other things whereby companies can track your behaviours in the same way as an online advertisement.

Martin’s presentation largely built on what Fiona had discussed but also revealed Equator’s innovation cycle. They have a team of dedicated ‘thinkers’ who constantly explore new ideas and learn approaches to development as well as tap into new trends. This involves learning new things, keeping up-to-date with new technology advances or speaking at tech events.

At the end of the class visit to Equator, we decided to head to Glasgow’s Christmas market for a celebratory drink to mark the end of semester 1 before heading back to Aberdeen.

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