Let’s Talk Digital: Career Options

Wondering what your career options after studying your MSc Digital Marketing could look like? We surveyed the entire 2016/17 class and discovered your future in digital is diverse and expands internationally. Robert Gordon University holds an average of 97.2% employment rate. With over 150,000 jobs in this industry predicted for 2020, studying your masters here couldn’t be a better choice!

Digital marketing holds a unique spot within the marketing landscape, with areas of expertise ranging from SEO specialist to website creator. There is something for everyone and it is all specific to what your own skills are.

Within our 2016/17 class we all have unique skills and talents which we are using every day to complete our degree. Along with different skill sets we have all undergone the course for different reasons. Some are coming back to study following time in the workplace, some are coming straight from undergraduate and others are building on their personal skills. Each person has a different idea of what they will do following graduation, and to get an idea where previous students have ended up, check out our Where Are They Now page!

Career Options Round-Up

We surveyed our classmates and found that their career options focused on working for a company doing in-house digital marketing or working for an agency. This is a popular route for many graduating students. Working within an agency allows for skills to develop within a creative environment. While working in-house can enable you to fully understand your target audience. A small portion of the class opted for pursuing a digital marketing career working freelance. This option works well with those who like to work independently. It enables you to manage clients remotely, from home, a café or even on a beach.

We also surveyed our students to ask if they would stay within Aberdeen to continue their career. With the majority wishing to use their new skills in other areas it can be seen that digital marketing knows no bounds to where you could be positioning yourself in the future.

And for the students who weren’t sure what career options they have available, RGU offers a career guidance service. There you can talk about your CV, interview skills and links to industry.

With so much available during the course and afterwards you can develop your career at RGU today!

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