Course Information

If you’re here then you’re interested in a Masters in Digital Marketing and want to find out more about it. You will no doubt have numerous questions and we want to help clear the air. What will you be studying? How is the course taught? Is there a work placement? These will certainly be some of the things on your mind but don’t stress as we are here to help. You can explore our three-semester course structure below:

1st Semester – laying vital digital marketing foundations!


Digital Marketing production tools

You will be learning about and producing a range of media, focused on a digital marketing context. You will get a taste of web-design, video recording and editing, graphics processing plus more. This will give you a solid understanding of the digital marketing culture.

Finally, you will be putting your knowledge into practice by producing client-focused digital projects and justifying your selection of tools and methods.


If you aren’t able to be strategic about your digital marketing decisions and justify your choices, then you’re in trouble. You can avoid this by knowing how to measure website performance through Google Analytics. Learn how SEO works, how to optimise content and how to maximise your social media channels in order to remain in tune with business goals.

You will analyse, evaluate and critically appraise digital marketing concepts together with conceiving campaign strategy through their application on real-life business scenarios. This is the core foundation of your digital marketing journey.

2nd Semester – full speed ahead!


Digital Public RelationsPublic relations can be integral to success in digital marketing. You will learn how public relations has evolved and is more relevant now than ever before. Have you ever considered how much power social media has shifted towards consumers and what that means in terms of how organisations interact with their publics? This is a great opportunity to explore the ethical considerations that arise and gain first-hand understanding on how to approach digital PR in a strategic context.

Finally, you will have the opportunity to put your learning into practice by designing strategic campaigns and working as a large group in charge of specific areas and deliverables.


Prepare to tackle your dissertation or project! You will be embarking on a journey exploring a wide range of research methods that are applicable in an academic and professional environment.Research Methods

Use current data collection techniques, evaluate and analyse the data and then make the data meaningful and relative to the target audience.


Gain some valuable experience in the digital marketing industry by taking a four-week work placement. This is an excellent chance to develop your skills and apply your knowledge gained via the course in a real organisation!

The university provides a variety of local opportunities which you can apply for, or you can source your own placement outside of Aberdeen – with approval from staff. This is a great chance to build your CV as you approach the final hurdle of the course.

3rd Semester – the finish line is just ahead!


Dive into your final piece of work and explore a concept or topic. You can choose something intriguing, current and at the heart of all that you’ve been learning. Besides the traditional dissertation route, the course offers the option to complete a project. This can be an analysis of a real business problem or even a start-up; the possibilities are endless – just run it by the lecturers and get approval!