Steven Milne

Guest speaker

Head of Digital, Fifth Ring

Business website / social:

My job involves:

Fifth Ring is a B2B marketing communications agency with headquarters in Aberdeen. I’m responsible for all the digital output of the agency. Day to day my focus is on working with clients to identify needs, designing an appropriate solution, and managing the production of the work through the team. Keeping up to date with new technology, techniques, and opportunities is relentless. It’s also the reason that it’s fun.

Favourite Digital Tool:


Marketing automation is a big theme for our clients at the moment. Platforms like Hubspot, Sharpspring, Marketo etc… drive a much tighter focus on user behaviour. Which makes our job much easier. 

Favourite App:

Personal use: Instagram

I have to let everyone know that we’re playing with Lego or setting fire to things at the weekend.

Business use: Evernote

It replaces the need for a functioning memory.

Favourite Websites:

  • -is my favourite blog. A continual stream of reminders that the world can be beautiful, and that it’s worth trying to make the web a better place.
  • – for reminders that we’re all doomed.
  • – for reminders that hard work pays off.

On the web:

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