Steph Asher

Steph Asher - Mission10Guest speaker

Co-Founder, Mission 10

Business website / social:

My job involves:

We launched Mission 10 in July 2018, and since then my day-to-day work has been incredibly varied. The main part of my job is centred around delivering content marketing tactics for our clients – this includes strategy creation, social media, digital advertising, blogging, email marketing, PR, and more.

I also support and liaise with all of our clients, to ensure they’re happy with the results we’re achieving, educating them about digital marketing, updating them on upcoming plans, and above all, building strong and genuine relationships with them.

But as a Co-Founder, there’s a lot more responsibility added into the mix too, that come with running your own business.

I wouldn’t change any part of it – it’s my dream job!

Favourite Digital Tool:

This is a no brainer – Asana. I love being incredibly organised, and having lots of clients could become very chaotic and stressful. Asana allows you to manage projects in an easy and fun way – and occasionally, a unicorn will fly across your screen to celebrate you completing a task. Love it!

Next would be HubSpot, because it enables you to implement really exciting marketing tactics – such as automated workflows, lead scoring and more.

Favourite App:

Evernote and Instagram.

Evernote is amazing because it allows me to extract all my random thoughts and ideas into an organised collection of notes. It instantly relieves stress, or lets me nurture early ideas into an actionable plan.

And Instagram is an obvious choice! We’re seeing a lot of success on this platform for our clients too, which is really exciting.

Favourite Websites:

  •, which I already mentioned above.

On the web:

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