Jason Stewart

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E-Commerce Manager, Aberdeen International Airport

Business website / social:

My job involves:

  • Airport digital strategy and delivery
  • Website development and management (aberdeenairport.com)
  • Booking sites development and management (flights/hotels/holidays/parking/lounges/security)
  • Conversion optimisation
  • eCRM (airport customer database, segmentation, automation and associated communications/campaign creation)
  • SEM (SEO & PPC)
  • Social media management
  • Multimedia design
  • Marketing campaign creation
  • Internal and external stakeholder management
  • Digital performance reporting and analysis
  • Organising support services – domains/SSLs/payment providers/software licences etc..

Favourite Digital Tool:

From a list of many I would say:

Adobe Photoshop:

The ‘digital design 101’ software, I would be utterly lost without this!  From simple tasks like image re-sizing to concept to completion campaign creation, this is the Swiss Army Knife in my digital toolkit.

Pure 360:

This email broadcasting tool is a stand-out in a list of many providers/solutions out there.  The associated business intelligence tool links in with your customer database and allows users to create a whole direct digital campaign using templates, and then issue to a segment (or all) of your customers.  The system provides a vast repertoire of automation options as well, meaning your marketing never sleeps, and never misses an opportunity.


A free (with paid options), all-in-one social media management platform. Perfect when the business has multiple channels all requiring their own piece of TLC. Content can be scheduled and performance can be tracked. The dashboard view shows tabs for each channel and you can get a real flavour of what is being said in social media land about your business from each ‘stream’ and react accordingly

Favourite App:

Personal use: Flipboard

A great news/content aggregator for those on busy schedules and looking for entertainment/reading on the move.  Content can be tailored to the user needs and shared across other platforms/apps.

Business use: Pages for Facebook & Repost for Instagram

Pages allows the use to understand content performance at a glance on the move and react accordingly, while Repost allows user-generated content to be quickly shared at the right moment with the airport’s social media following.

Favourite Websites:

  • http://www.aberdeenairport.com/ – of course!
  • http://www.smartinsights.com/ – founded by Dr Dave Chaffey who quite literally ‘wrote the book’ on digital marketing. Full of actionable insights, blog articles and case studies for all levels, on all things digital marketing. A great starting place.
  • http://www.getelastic.com/ – an all-round e-commerce blog covering a number of areas and providing useful ideas and insights such as search, social and conversion optimisation.

On the web:

Connect with me at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jasonstewart88 

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