Jack Keenan

Jack KeenanSenior Lecturer


Favourite digital tool:

There are literally hundreds of digital tools I could list here for different work and leisure purposes, but I think one of the tools that has impressed me most in recent years is IFTTT (short for If this, then that) which is like the ‘gaffer tape’ of the web connecting lots of tools together. With zero programming you can easily connect different web services and with a growing set of APIs available for physical devices as well, you can automate your online and offline worlds. Want to post a picture of a fox in the snow to Facebook whilst also turning on your heating if it starts snowing? IFTTT will let you do that in a couple of clicks.

Favourite app:

Skipping the obvious social networking apps which are a given, I’d say Runkeeper is my most used app. I’m really interested in the way people engage with technology and how we can use data to improve performances in all aspects of life. I started running about three years ago and runkeeper has allowed me to track my progress and keep me motivated. Remember to make sure you’ve got full charge if you’re running a marathon though, nothing more frustrating than losing some of those miles in your stats because you ran out of batteries!

Favourite websites:

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