Dr Simone Kurtzke

LecturerSimone Kurtzke RGU & Director, The Digital Scot


Favourite Digital Tool:

My favourite digital tool ever has got to be WordPress. You’ll have come across WordPress blogs but it’s also a standalone open source CMS (content management system) – 30% of the web is running WordPress (including this site)!  It’s like a box of fancy tricks that continually rewards you – building sites in WordPress is addictive and fun, and doesn’t actually feel like work. What makes it special is the community around it  – since WordPress is open source, it’s everyone’s job to fix and improve, and developers around the world create useful extras (called plugins) that help your site get visibility in the search engine results pages (SERPs), for example.

Favourite App:

I love useful apps – the ones that make my day to day life easier and save time. The most consistently useful over the last couple of years has been Toggl. It’s a time tracker site and app that tells me how much time I spend on different projects (and how many hours a week I work – it’s eye-opening!). Secondly, Gmail. I had a Nokia N95 back in the day and Gmail was THE killer app! I’m a bit of a Google fangirl and also fond of Google Apps (some of which I use in teaching).

Favourite websites:

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