Chloe Jackson

Where are you from?
Aberdeen, Scotland

What was your undergraduate degree?
International Hospitality Management

Why did you decide to study an MSc in Digital Marketing?
I decided to study MSc Digital Marketing this year because I am eager to develop my educational skills at Masters level and also build an understanding and knowledge in a new subject that can be integrated with my undergraduate subject. I hope that this venture will open new exciting career opportunities for the future….

What do you like best about the course so far?
I am enjoying the industry visitor’s presentations and discussions about how they operate in a live industry setting. This input will be beneficial for the future when working in the industry setting. I am also enjoying meeting new people in my class who share the same interest and passion for the subject. What is also great about this course is the hands-on learning approach using marketing systems and tools and having the opportunity to work alongside real clients in order to develop projects.

What’s your favourite app or website, and why?
I have a couple of favourite apps…I enjoy using the Pinterest app which is filled with inspiration and many creative recipes. I enjoy using the Spotify app on a daily basis to ‘tune’ into the latest music hits and create playlists, and… I also favor the Facebook Messenger app as a form of communication with my friends and family across the globe.

Tell us a random fact about yourself!
Fundraising is my passion… but the highlight of career to date is working alongside Pamela Stephenson and Arleen Philips.