Ride out the Oil & Gas storm – Use a digital lifeline

The oil and gas crisis has hit Aberdeen City very hard and that is a fact. Many have, or are at great risk of losing their jobs and livelihood; that is also a fact. Terrifying statistics are telling us that 65-70 thousand people have been affected and that sadly the worst is still to come! Is it all doom and gloom though? Are we meant to be on standby and look on in terror?

What if we were to take a step back for a moment and take a couple of deep breaths, allowing for some alternative thinking – something other than disaster and panic? Let us tell you a real story on creating a recipe for success!

Once upon a time there was a fellow named Ilias working in the Oil & Gas industry in Aberdeen. He was a fairly chilled out fellow making a living in the wonderful Granite City. Out of the blue life dealt him a bad hand and he lost his job in the enormous wave of recession that hit Aberdeen. True story!

Needless to say, Ilias was depressed for a while. Some of his friends complained about him crying and being grouchy all the time. At a dark moment, on an even darker night, he even contemplated robbing a bank. He gained weight, started drinking incessantly and was overtly dependant on his wife for his daily expenses. As a last resort, he almost submitted his application to the government to make use of unemployment benefits.

After trying his hand at all the aforementioned (comical), realistic yet useless activities, he finally decided to take control of his own life. He joined a hands-on and industry focused Digital Marketing postgraduate course at RGU. He has just completed his first semester and has already picked up highly relevant skills in Digital Marketing (SEO, Google Analytics, Digital Production tools, Social Media marketing to name a few), made some industry contacts, and gained valuable insights into succeeding in this current digital scenario.

Be Smart. Be like Ilias.

Ilias is smart. Be like Ilias.

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