Episode IV: Digital Strikes Back

Like the universe, RGU’s Digital Marketing MSc class has been expanding at an exponential rate. However, whilst the universe faces an inevitable collapse ending all life as we know it, the growth of this popular MSc at RGU shows no sign of slowing.

With over 30 students in the 2018 Digital Marketing class, it is clear that a digital marketing degree is swiftly becoming a must for any aspiring marketer and the course has welcomed applicants from all spacewalks of life including:

1. Will ‘Solo’ Farquhar
RGU Marketing undergraduate

Will Farquhar

“This course has allowed me to get a digital marketing career in less than 12 parsecs”


2. James ‘Boba Fett’ Galbraith
International Student

James Galbraith

“I came here from Ottawa (far, far away) for the undergraduate bounty and stayed for the Digital Marketing MSc”


3. Ellie ‘Princess Leia” McNeil
Visual Communications Undergraduate

Digital Marketing Student 2018

“May Digital Marketing be with you”



4. Josh “R2-D2” Bircham
English Lit Undergraduate and Work Experience

“Bleep bloop bleep whirr – I came here from industry – bleep”


5. Gayna ‘Ray’ Sandeman
Business Manager and Part-Time Student 

“We are about to get some digital marketing knowledge”



This is just a select number of people from the Digital Marketing MSc class of 2018, make sure you check out all the profiles!  Keep following to find out more about the rest of the troopers. You could say: Skywalker is the limit with the Digital Marketing MSc.


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