3 Lessons Learned From 3 Weeks of Agency Life

As part of the MSc Digital Marketing our class has been thrust into the whirlwind that is agency life. Over the past three weeks we have been tasked with planning and executing a digital marketing campaign, creating agency roles and ultimately delivering something we are proud of without killing each other in the process!

With just ten weeks to carry out the project we have been encouraged to think on our feet and as a result have learned an incredible amount in a short period of time. This week we’ve decided to share with you some of our main discoveries. 

1 – Communication is crucial

In an agency there is an undeniable element of urgency. There are deadlines to meet and things can change in a matter of moments. It is this fast-paced nature that keeps things interesting. However, it is so important not to get caught up in the pace and forget to communicate with one another, because this is when problems can begin to arise.

2 – Digital marketing is not straightforward

There is so much more to digital marketing than meets the eye. On the surface level there are pretty pictures and engaging social. However there is also a lot that you don’t see. To be successful as an agency a wealth of specialist skills are needed. Our web team are whizzes on analytics and SEO. The communications team are constantly researching the latest in the industry and how to deliver content that truly speaks to our audience. As for the production team, they have to go through hours of footage to produce minutes.

3 – The industry is incredibly dynamic

Last of all the digital marketing industry boasts a wealth of opportunities. No day is the same. Though we all have different specialities, the agency setting provides a unique chance to explore other areas of expertise. In the modern marketing world, a marketer needs to have a broad knowledge of their industry. That means even after we have finished our degrees we will continue to learn, continue to push boundaries and be excited and enthused by what we are doing.

So, now that you’re all caught up it’s time to meet the team!

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